EVO•TEE and James are an inspiration! His work is fun and informative and has had a really positive impact on my health.
— Scott, Belfast
I first met James at a yoga retreat in Tuscany, Italy and was drawn in by his passion for life. His practical and insightful knowledge about health and outdoor lifestyles is infectious. James has inspired me with useful tips to stay on track, when the hustle and bustle of everyday life pulls me off course. His energy and positivity shines brightly. I highly recommend working with James to achieve your goals.
— Katie Louw Christchurch, New Zealand
I met James in 2013, working on The Hobbit movie in Wellington, New Zealand. Even though James and I only worked together for a few months, I knew this cheeky Englishman and I would be friends for years to come.
James has a huge passion for health and well being, often recommending me books and advice. His passion is contagious!
James will certainly inspire you to change your life for the better.
— Kieran Magill, New Zealand
When James asked me to write something about him I quickly realised that we had barely spent any time together. I don’t even know much about him. But I always feel like he understands me and the challenges I face. You just know he will never judge you.
One thing I admire about James is his endurance, once he has something in his mind he keeps moving until he gets there. I’ll enjoy watching his new dream come to life, he will be a success.
— Sandy, Germany
During the final year of my degree, I’d given up on the idea of getting the grade I wanted. Even though he was on the other side of the world, James listened and quickly understood what was happening. He didn’t just help me to believe in myself again but he gave me pragmatic advice that I could put to use immediately. This advice motivated me through some tough times and I achieved the grades I thought were impossible.
I’m now living with James. He’s such a positive person to live with and always gives me a boost to get over life’s hurdles. James is my brother, my personal trainer, my nutritionist, my counsellor and my trusted advisor. I am lucky to have him.
— Jess, Sheffield, UK
In 2012 James quit his job and left behind a life that many people would have been very happy with. He left his comfort zone and spent two years travelling the world on his own. He did some incredible things, most notably, working on The Hobbit movie in New Zealand. James makes his own luck by having the courage to do things differently. He has a knack of findings amazing people to learn from and amazing experiences to learn from. I don’t know many people who have courage like James and that’s why I choose to work with him.
— James- I wrote this one about my self - we've all got to start somewhere!