30th September 2016

Hello there friend!

About this time last year I gave birth to EVO•TEE, so this month I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve achieved. Or if I’m honest, what I haven’t achieved! Obviously I thought I'd soon be mates with Jamie Oliver and would have created a world wide health revolution! And of course this would have given me enough money to have a beautiful house in the country - pah!

Our primal minds evolved a negativity bias that helped us survive in a world full of danger. The negativity bias states that we pay much more attention to negative emotions and information than their positive counterparts. It can be a daily battle reminding ourselves of all that's good in the world, when our default mechanism is to see all the bad!

For many of us being healthy isn’t easy and I find it hard just like everyone else. Recently I've become acutely aware of how much time I'm spending inside, tapping away at my laptop. And if my work is not hitting the mark should I continue? But life, is rarely plain sailing so whenever I'm struggling I try to remind myself of the reasons why I started. And I started EVO•TEE because:

  1. I wanted to share everything I’d discovered about health and happiness and
  2. I wanted to help people avoid suffering created by evolutionary mismatches.

But I’ve realised that I don't know enough about you and your needs. Each month I send out an email sharing stories and lessons that have influenced and inspired me. And I’ve been writing blogs and making videos with the same purpose but I have failed to engage many of you into a conversation.

Of course sharing doesn't come easily. Evolutionary psychologists would suggest that sharing weaknesses makes little sense in survival terms. Showing vulnerability to others decreases our perceived status. And for our cave dwelling ancestors, this damaged their chances of both survival and reproduction. So we keep our problems to ourselves, our friends and our family.

What I’ve learnt from my own experience is that the problems we face in life are often universal. We all suffer from the same kind of challenges because we are all human beings! And often the best thing we can do to help ourselves is own up to others that we are struggling. 

Since one of my goals is to help you, I would love you to open up a little more. Tell me what you would like me to write about and what you are struggling with. Once I've learnt about your challenges I can build more content around your needs.

My second mistake this year is not defining EVO•TEE well enough to be understood. So I've been working hard all month on a few blogs that will clarify my message. And I've started making a series of free and paid videos that will help guide you in the ways of evolutionary thinking eating exercising.

I'm really excited about the next few months for EVO•TEE so hold tight! And I look forward to creating more of a conversation with you. But if you prefer to remain a silent fan, I understand.

All the best and thanks again for your support

James @

P.S. While you’re replying why not answer this question for me: If you were to share just one blog, newsletter or video, which one would it be?