who has inspired me to?

All the the guys below are people that have aspired me to better myself. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses so please take everything they say at face value.



Paul Chek, founder of the Chek Institute, taught me all about holistic health. Through the Chek Insititute and his Blog he shares a lot of excellent information (most for free). He has been working with people and their health for over 20 years and what he teaches is very powerful. His book, 'How to Eat, Move and be Healthy' is compulsory reading as is his eBook 'The Last Four Doctors you'll Ever Need'. I will happily continue to learn underneath Paul Chek for many years to come. Not only does he know what he is talking about but he fully embodies what he stands for.


Be the strongest version of yourself. This is the motto of a man I came across very early. Before I came across Paul Chek and Elliott Hulse I thought getting strong was all about lifting heavy and eating tonnes of protein. Elliott Hulse taught me to look at strength differently. The ideas behind his four layers of strength programme recognises a more holistic way to getting strong. This guy is strong in mind, body and soul and worth listening to. 


Sean hosts a blog talk radio show called the Underground Wellness Show. Sean helped me to see through the weaknesses in the mainstream messages pumped out by our universities, governments and fitness industries. A couple of interviews he did with Paul Chek really helped me when I was in a dark place! Thanks Sean.

He's a good teacher as well as a good host, here's Sean talking about a magical hormone called LEPTIN!


I some times need to remind myself Tim Ferriss is only human. I should also try to keep my nose from being permanently lodged up his derrière! Because of this there aren't enough superlatives for me to use to describe him, so I'll just say thanks Tim! You encouraged me to quit my job and as a result I ended up doing a lot of cool stuff, I'll be forever indebted to you!

Here's a link to his blog where you can find hundreds of useful entries. 

Here's a link to his podcast where you can listen to him interrogate world class performers to find out what tricks they use to be so amazing! 

And here are his three books, each one amazing in their own way:

  1.  "The Four Hour Work Week"
  2. "The Four Hour Body"
  3. "The Four Hour Chef"


As the founder of Bulletproof Exec, Dave Asprey has built a mini empire around his crazy, fat laden, coffee. The guests he interviews on his podcast have been an inspiration and an education to me. I don't support everything he says or sells but I do enjoy his enthusiasm for biohacking. His search for optimum performance is a worthwhile pursuit.


Lewis is pretty annoying, but I cannot get away from the fact that he helped me learn a hell of a lot! In a similar way to how Tim Ferriss interviews world class performers, so does Lewis. His shows provided me with a degree in business and self-mastery.

I haven't listened to his work for a long time but I recommend his interview with Robert Greene.


About a year ago I found this awesome podcast. A London Real they interview some incredible people. Brian Rose the founder of London Real has introduced me to people that have changed my view of life for the better. One of those is my next hero, Geoff Thompson.


Not many people have the ability to bring grown men to tears. Geoff has that ability. He is not for the feint hearted but he will teach you to better yourself.

Geoff is a writer and a martial arts expert. When a man who could kill you in a second talks you tend to listen. He is a powerful man and well worth listening to. He uses the philosophy of religion to teach us how to better ourselves.  Click here to learn more.

Wim Hoff - The iceman

Wim is best known as The Iceman for his ability to endure the cold. He holds over 20 world records for various physical challenges. He has rewritten the scientific text books by hacking his autonomic nervous system. That means he can consciously control things that you and I cannot! His zest for life is contagious and his drive to help people is inspiring. Best of all he will teach anyone how to do the same.

Check the blog I wrote about him here, or visit his website to learn how you can learn what he does.