The majority of us want our lives to look like they do in the movies: happiness, a loving family, a great job, financial security and great health. We want a bigger house, a faster car, more exotic holidays and More MONEY!  

our health and vitality is too often overlooked when it comes to achieving our goals. I can assure you, by working with me I will show you a way to live that will give you greater energy, health and vitality.

what you do with that energy is up to you!

time for change

The current health care system is great at saving lives and keeping people alive. What it fails to do is help keep people healthy. When we get sick we go to see a doctor and when we want to get fit we go to a personal trainer. For too many people the pills we're prescribed and the 6 week boot camps do not work.

We need to learn how to be healthy, by understanding how our body and mind work. We need an authority who can dismantle the contradictory and often damaging messages we're given by the government, the fitness industry and the media. 

We eat unhealthy food when we are trying to lose weight. We don't make time to exercise when we're trying to keep fit. We think, say or do mean things to ourselves and others. And then we have to pick up the pieces left behind by the bad choices we made.


Health coaching

This is where I come in as a health coach. I am Sheffield's only Chek certified holistic lifestyle coach. I've spent years working out what works, so you can hit the ground running. I've come to understand the physiological, psychological and spiritual reasons why we fail to maintain our health. Just prescribing a training or nutritional plan isn't enough to create lasting change. Lifestyle factors like poor sleep and stress cause much more damage than a few too many biscuits every week. 

I am well educated on paper and in practice. I have spent the last 15 years studying the mind, the body and human health. I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science which taught me how to interpret science but also opened my eyes to the many benefits of physical activity. I have teaching degree in Physical Education which developed my ability to coach and impart knowledge. And I am a Chek certified holistic lifestyle coach which gives me a grounding in the fundamentals of health and happiness.

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