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I'm sat here, flicking through an old notebook and I find some lyrics I'd written down from a song called 'Get Better' by Scroobius Pip v Dan la Sac. Although he is singing to the youth of today, I think we can all take a bit of motivation from the words! 

There are other choices if you want them, 

You don’t just have to float with the flotsam.

You can fill your time better when you find a passion,

The internet and public services give free education.

So it really isn't a case of rich or poor,

It’s a case of self motivation and nothing more.

Like Billy says whether you have or you have not wealth,

The system might fail you but don’t fail yourself.

Just get better.

So there you go, it's that easy, JUST GET BETTER!

Once we start on a path of self development (in any area of our life) we will continue to expand. We will be shown the right teachers we need and we will become aware of the daily lessons life gives us. 

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